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Microplastics are pieces of plastic smaller than 5 millimeters.


Cosmetic companies frequently incorporate microplastics in their skincare products and a single shower contains 100,000 plastic particles. Plastic beads sorb toxic chemicals and end up being a million times more toxic than the wastewater around them.


Sewage treatment plants have not been designed to filter microbeads from wastewater. These beads are non- biodegradable and are impossible to remove after entering the environment.


In July 2018, a UK-wide prohibition on plastic microbeads was made. But the ban does not cover a large list of products, such as sun-creams, lipsticks, and paints.


Our green beads and green packaging can replace the plastics used in cosmetic and personal care products and their packaging.


Prepared from algae, our beads are biodegradable, biocompatible, and of no toxicity.


With our novel technique, desirable particle diameter and porous structure are achieved. The average particle size of our green beads can be customized to sizes as small as 0.05 micrometers.


Our green beads and green packaging can be either hydrophobic or hydrophilic. An environmentally friendly process was invented and approved feasible for scale-up.

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