We are a group of highly qualified scientists, engineers and businessmen, passionated about dealing with environmental issues and human health problems. Although our project is based at Imperial College London, UK, we're keen to protect our health and environment with enthusiastic people like us around the world.


We have developed sustainable and biodegradable materials to replace the plastics used in cosmetic and personal care products and their packagings. We combat environmental issues caused by plastics and microsize plastics. The microplastics added in the cosmetic products can’t be filtered by the existing sewage treatment and can eventually pollute our ocean and air and affect human health.

Our Team

Zhixuan Wang

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London

Lingqiao Zhu


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London

Lu Ai

Process system engineer
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London

Advisory Board

Prof. Klaus Hellgardt Eurlng PhD DIC Dipl.- Ing. (TH)


Professor of Chemical Engineering

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Head of REaCT

Imperial College London

Marta Lesiewska

Communications and sustainability expert with 12+ years of experience.

Founder of INSPIRED, niche consulting and advisory consultancy, specializing in environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG) and Co-Founder of SNOW PR.

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Email: lzhu@algreen.tech

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