the transition to
a plastic-free world

About Us

Algreen is a pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable and sustainable solutions based on algal products.


Using innovative biotechnology we are developing alternative products to replace plastics and environmentally unsustainable fossil-based products, used in a wide range of industries such as cosmetics, packaging and labelling, fashion, agriculture and many more.  

At Algreen we use algae, which is available in abundance in the UK, low-cost and under-utilised. Using novel biotechnology developed via the company, we have invented fully biodegradable and compostable formulas in two formats (Biofilm & Bio-microbeads materials) which are ripe for rapid scalability in a big range of applications as a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Using Innovative Biotechnology

Algreen develops sustainable solutions

to eliminate plastics & micro-size plastics.

Our Projects 

At Algreen we develop and aim to commercialise a range of sustainable and biodegradable products that target different industries. Our goal is to replace plastics and micro-plastics across a range of products.

We also have a pipeline of new projects that are at lab stages.

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Algreen Fashion

Algreen developed the first fully biodegradable hangers from sustainable seaweed.

Using cogenetic technology we are also developing buttons, sunglasses, zipper pulls & other types of trim.

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Algreen Labels 

Project Algreen Label was launched to offer the

first fully algal based biodegradable

alternative to plastic labels.


Algreen Chipboard 

Algreen's fully biodegradable chipboard is made from seaweed and wastepaper. Algreen chipboard is fully biodegradable, acid-free, no VOC emitted, anti-mold, waterproof, customizable in colours and sound/thermal insulated.


Green Beads 

Algreen's green beads can replace the plastics used in personal care and cleaning products. Prepared from algae, our beads are biodegradable, biocompatible,

and of no toxicity.


“ We engage in building sustainable solutions using marine algae and seaweed
to reduce negative environmental impacts caused by the use of plastic-based materials.”

Zhixuan Wang

CEO Algreen