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Accelerating to a
plastic-free world

We are the pioneer of renewable and sustainable product solutions by utilising biobased materials. Through different technologies such as biotechnology, chemistry and material science, we developed alternative products that can replace plastics and unsustainable fossil products. We aim to ensure the most decarbonised and sustainable solutions to any petrol-based chemicals.

We developed biobased polyurethane (PU) and commercialising various industries such as medical, fashion, packaging, furniture and construction markets. Our production line includes facemasks glue, fabric glue, apparel coating, shoes foam, vegan leather, chipboard and label.

About Us

Treat Nature with Nature. Inspiring next generation science

Our goal is to address the world’s most pressing environmental issue by utilising natural resources. Our natural sourced solutions have net-zero environmental impact.


We are keen to prompt the future development of any sustainable scientific development supported by Algreen nature science and AI innovation platform.

We provide net-zero polyurethane.

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Our Products

Fashion Products

First fully biodegradable fashion items from sustainable algae. Our items include: fabric glue, apparel coating, shoes foam, vegan leather.

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